Product Care

Here are our tips to enjoy your preserved roses for many years to come:

  1. Keep In the Box – your preserved roses have been carefully secured in their new home and should be kept there to maintain their form. The lid should remain under or on the side of the box.


  1. Keep Indoors – there are many different elements outdoors that decrease the long-lasting life of preserved roses. Dust, humidity, wind, and temperature changes will impact their condition.


  1. Keep in Cool and Dry Place – certain areas in a house may trap humidity such as a kitchen or bathroom so be mindful of where you display your preserved roses.


  1. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight – extended exposure to direct sunlight may result in color loss in preserved roses.


  1. Do Not Water – preserved roses cannot be exposed to water in any form since they may lose the properties that make them last for a long time.


  1. Clean Carefully – while preserved roses can last years, they will inevitably retain some dust. The best way to clean an arrangement of preserved roses is to use a dry, cool air stream every month.